4 Hot Marketing Trends to Make your Product or Service Rise Above all Others.


Every Business Needs More Customers.

It doesn't matter if you are a school looking to increase enrolments or a company that wants to remain front and center with your prospects. Every business is looking for that "edge" to stay ahead of the competition and win new customers

Using 1 or more of these 4 hot marketing trends will make your product or service rise above all others.

1. Mobile is going to become the center of marketing. 

From cell phones to smartphones, tablets to wearable gadgets, the evolution of mobile devices is one of the prime factors influencing the marketing world. As the focus is shifting to smaller screens, brands will be able to strike up a more personalized relationship with their customers by leveraging the power of mobile.

2. The need for good content will not slow down. Ever. Content, particularly visual content, will rule the roost in the on-line marketing world, evolving into various forms and disrupting the conventional marketing models. Moreover, the speed at which a brand can create amazing content will play a part in their success.

Pro Tip: ensure your website is truly mobile responsive and all your forms have an increased button pixel sizes for easy touch on mobile devices.

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3. Image-centric content will remain kingAs consumers are hit with an increasing number of advertisements, it’s becoming more important to make content easily and quickly digestible. If you look at the social media sites they place an emphasis on images. 

An example is infographics, which combine images with a minimal amount of text to explain a topic and provide statistical information or data from research studies are forms of content audiences are looking for.

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4. Less Will be More - One notable trend is the apparent shift in consumer preference regarding simplistic marketing messages instead of in-depth messages. When you think about some of the top brands in the world like Apple and Google, they clearly value simplicity. A large part of Pinterest’s appeal is its clean, uncluttered, and minimalist aesthetic.

With many consumers feeling burned out by a constant barrage of information and advertisements that scream “look at me”, some of the most innovative marketers are going the opposite direction. They're now making efforts to tone down their campaign messages and not overwhelm consumers with hype.

Pro Tip: The best way to engage with any potential customer to turn them into buyers is to build a relationship on trust and knowledge.

Don't feed your prospects boring salesy brochure-like information. Get to the point, with simple, understandable information.

Provide prospects with 3rd party impartial information that is useful to them BUT also points them to your business as the obvious solution to solve their need.

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