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Thank you for your interest in working with Permacharts.

We work with organizations and businesses of all sizes in both the public and private sector. Below are some links to help you find what you need fast.

Business & Education

Retail - sell our charts in your store or on-line. Learn more here.

Education-based marketing content - When you provide your prospects with valuable information that builds trust and credibility your business begins to turn the corner. Read more

Medical Sales Aids - Beyond having a sound foundation in selling skills today's medical sales representative must be given a training foundation that is clinically sound. For the last two decade Permacharts has been creating medical quick reference guides for the medical market. Hospitals, clinics, physicians along with the worlds top educators use our charts everyday.

Bulk Order Pricing - We offer wholesale bulk pricing to commercial clients: Schools, higher-learning, government institutions and business. Quantity discounts up to 45% off are available here on the site. Purchase orders are accepted on credit approval. Download our credit application here. Orders can be placed both on and offline. Email us at to get a quote today.

Custom Imprinted Charts - add your logo, message or advertising to any of our charts over 500+ reference guides. See more here

Promotional Marketing - learn more about using custom Permacharts to drive home your message. Promote your business or service in new and exciting ways. Learn more here for business

Digital Applications 

LMS and e-Learning Platforms - add premium content within your LMS E-learning platform as a value-add or to increase revenue. 

Content and Ancillary Revenue - add Permacharts content to your site or blog, sell digital charts within your current app or e-commerce platform. See more here

Affiliate Program - earn money from your website, blog or subscriber list by joining our affiliate program. 




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