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Better Sales Aids & Leave Behinds

You've trained and armed your sales staff with all the tools they should need to succeed....but is it working for you? 

 - Are the results measurable?

 - Are they leaving behind more than a business card and a smile?

  -Is your business top-of-mind when that prospect is ready to       buy?

If you answered no to one or more of these questions, then it might not be the rep's fault!

Let's get a better result for your business right now.



Turn Prospects into Customers

The objective of any business is to turn a prospect into a customer today or to ensure that your prospect thinks of your company first and not your competition when they are ready to buy. 

 One of the most effective methods to remain top-of-mind is to provide your prospects with a great leave-behind. Something they will use and refer to on a consistent basis. Something that's helpful to them and branded with your company information.  

We are Permacharts, the largest producer of subject-based quick reference guides. When we custom imprint a guide with your brand, one that speaks to your target market they become the most effective sales aids and leave-behind you have every used. 

We call it education-based marketing and it's incredibly powerful!

A Word From a Happy Client

“I love these guides and so does my accountant. I had Permacharts create a completely new chart for my business. We sell in-home water treatment units and when I had my sales reps leave the chart with potential prospects and then follow-up, our closing rates jumped 85%. How could I not be happy.”


“These guides are unique as they serve a dual purpose. Our prospects have a clinical background and are experts in their own right about the products we sell. Our sales staff needed to be just as much an expert and these guides cut that learning curve fast.  We also use them to as a giveaway, they are beautifully designed and functional.”

Francine DaMaggio - GlaxoSmithKline Inc

A Guide for Every Subject

Over 500 subject titles across 12 categories. Everything for Astrophysics to How to Planting a Backyard Garden. All our charts are written by experts in their subject area. Each is written from an 3rd party, impartial prospective meaning your customers get the facts and not some salesy brochure type language.

They will keep it forever....appreciating and remembering you for it!  

Custom Imprinting

When we custom imprint our guides with your brand you are ensuring long-term brand exposure. 

*Did you know that the average person keeps our charts for over 7 years! Imagine the impact on your brand.

Shop for the chart your business needs right now and receive bulk discounts up to 45% off!



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