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Nutritional Tip of the Day 0

Choices, choices, we all make them daily. Here are some tips to determine the appropriate calorie intake choices you should make to maintain your health!

• Food energy is measured in calories; the terms energy and calories can be used interchangeably

• Carbohydrates, fats, and proteins in foods provide energy; water, vitamins and minerals do not provide energy; alcohol provides energy but no essential nutrients

• The amount of energy you need each day depends on many variables, including your age, sex, body size, activity level, and if you are pregnant or lactating; energy needs decrease with increasing age but nutrient needs stays about the same

• Instead of worrying about counting calories, it is best to focus on eating a healthy diet and keeping active

• If an individualized caloric assessment or meal plan is desired, it is best to consult a Registered Dietitian; they are qualified experts in food and nutrition





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