Why Are Acupuncture Points so Important?


There are countless debates pertaining to whether the practice of acupuncture really works to treat various ailments. Reports range from incidents of migraine relief to nausea from chemotherapy. There are even studies being conducted on animals. But how can we know for sure that your acupuncturist is hitting the right points?

When it comes to alternative medicine, there is no real way for patients to familiarize themselves with the standard of practice for diagnosing and treating problems that all practitioners must be held accountable to. This is what makes it so difficult to assess whether or not acupuncture really works.

So the best way of addressing this problem is by referring to an acupuncture reference guide. And there are very good reasons to begin using this tool.

1. You can refer to a trusted standardized set of principles. An acupuncture reference guide will help you understand what each acupuncture point is supposed to do and where each one is, before you even talk to your acupuncturist. Just make sure you use a trusted company like Permacharts, who ensures that their reference guides are well researched and written by a subject matter expert, so you can assess your own practitioner’s practice.

2. You can take a proactive role in the treatment of your own ailments. With a bit of knowledge under your belt, you can take a more active and collaborative role in your treatment.

This Permacharts Guide provides a comprehensive summary of all human meridians in a full color, full body format.Price: $5.95


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  • Fatemah Manji
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