College students are unlike any group you've advertised to before. They behave differently, so they buy differently. If you want to reap the long-term benefits this market can provide, you need to connect with them in their space, their way..

Targeted Ads + Low Cost = Huge ROI

Permachart's 'cut-its-teeth' in the student market more than 35 years ago and even today our cheat sheets are more popular than ever with students. Perhaps you yourself used our study guides when you attend school and if you did, you know how helpful they are.

Targeting students while they are in college can lead to acquiring their brand allegiance once they have graduated and entered the workforce.

Multi-faceted opportunities to reach the student market

  • Position your advertising, brand and message alongside expert how-to content and have your ad seen by 10’s of thousands of students.
  • Leverage our vast distribution relationships to get your message seen and heard in a non-intrusive manner that gets results.
  • Lead magnets and conversion tools -  offer free charts to increase sign-ups & conversions.

Digital charts offer flexibility allowing advertiser to:

  • Insert click-to-call ads, banner and contextual ads. Driving customers to your website, forms or lead generation pages.
  • Place native advertising smart links directly within the content of our charts to drive even higher engagement.

Download The Perfect Branding Tool overview and learn more!

Make your Brand Seen and Heard 

Advertising options 

We are partnered with some of the leading digital publishing companies in the college market space allowing you to leverage our relationships to get your brand/message in front of millions of students.

 Lower CPM rates than traditional marketing.  

Higher engagement with better click through rates.

Drive new interactions, create relationships and increase your brand presence like never before!



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