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“Make a Lasting Impression”

  • Innovative Brand Marketing Program
  • Increase Brand Loyalty
  • Up To Tens of Thousands of Impressions at
  • Pennies a Month
  • 7.2 Years Average Ownership
  • Cost Effective
  • Build Customer Trust
  • Drive Traffic
  • Generate Awareness
  • Build Profitable, Long-Term Customer Relationships
  • 500+ Titles Available to Precisely Target your Markets 


ImpactGuidesTM was started with one purpose in mind: to create a unique and innovative brand marketing program.

ImpactGuidesTM is a specialty brand marketing company with its strength and reputation firmly centered in long-term branding for businesses. We take great pride and go to great lengths to ensure every title we publish is the best in its class.

ImpactGuidesTM are all about associating your company with useful information your clients will use over and over again. The goal of every ImpactGuide is to be an indispensable, every day, quick reference tool that your customer will keep and refer to for years.Our team of experienced writers, subject experts and designers are continually on the lookout for better ways to present key concepts, tips, tricks and shortcuts on just about any subject or area of interest.

With an average ownership of 7.2 years, you now have the ability to generate up to tens of thousands of distinct views of your brand and marketing message for only pennies per month.

Some of our key clients and partners include:

Barnes & Nobles, Wal-Mart, Ekerds, Chapters, Morgan Stanley Dean Whitter, Video Professor, Books-A-Million, Thompson Publishing, Folletts, The US Government, Abbot Laboratories, Boehringer Ingleheim, Canadian Government, Miller Beer, Harvard University, Canadian Pharmaceutical Association, University of California, Learning Services, United States Naval Academy, Alberta Health Services, Tula Hot Yoga, Aldrich Chemical Company, Hippocrates Health Institute, e3Live, Healthier Living for You, Hot Yoga Wellness, Knowledge Products, NATCM, Pine Valley Wellness Centre,, Sagee, Whole Body Healing, Construction Services, Seneca College, Medieval Times, Augustana College, Thompson Nelson.



Breaking Through To Your Customers… A Brave New World
Your customers are more sophisticated, more knowledgeable and more demanding than ever before. They’re busy, overworked and short on time. Reaching and influencing customers is becoming an increasingly tough nut to crack.

What’s an advertiser to do?
You need to sell your product or service but your customers are unresponsive to your attempts to reach them. You pepper them with flyers, newspapers ads and direct mail but your costs go up and response remains flat. The solution is to take a long-term, high-impact approach. You need to apply your marketing budget towards becoming your customer’s best friend, a household name, someone they would happily refer you to friends and colleagues.

Long-term brand marketing
Long-term brand marketing is one of the best ways to reach and influence today’s time challenged customer. The principle is simple but proven over the years to be very effective: the more your customers are exposed to your brand, the more comfortable and familiar they feel about doing business with you. Each impression you make helps to melt away their resistance, bit by bit. It’s this sense of comfort and trustworthiness achieved over time that will get your customers to choose you over your competitors.

How do I know long-term brand marketing will work for me?
Big Business spends billions every year, year after year, on long-term brand
marketing and you know they wouldn’t spend it unless it worked. Now with powerful coop advertising products like ImpactGuidesTM, your business can enjoy the same incredible benefits for only a fraction of the cost. By combining your advertising dollar with like-minded businesses you can reduce your monthly participation to pennies per month while improving the long-term visibility of your brand and message.



ImpactGuidesTM are a highly effective, high-impact brand-marketing product
specifically designed to keep your customer’s attention, day-in and day-out, year after year. Your brand and message – strategically placed alongside indispensable tips, tricks and shortcuts – will always be on display generating up to tens of thousands of impressions over the life of the ImpactGuideTM.

ImpactGuidesTM are an innovative marketing concept based on a proven retail product line with a 40+ year successful track record. Each ImpactGuideTM implementation focuses on a subject or area of interest that directly caters to the needs and wants of your customers and prospects. Titles such as Kitchen Math and First Aid for the general consumer. Or, software and professional development titles for the business user. With over 500 titles and 23 subject categories to choose from, the possibilities are virtually limitless.

Each ImpactGuideTM consists of two virtually indestructible laminated pages connected by our proprietary ClearkoteTM Lay-Flat Slotted Hinge. Brand advertising is optimally positioned alongside the content so as to always be visible to the reader. This delicate balance between advertising and content is one of the reasons why customers keep, use and value ImpactGuidesTM for so many years. The average ownership of an ImpactGuide is a whopping 7.2 years!

ImpactGuidesTM is a co-op brand-marketing program. Like-minded advertisers that share a common goal for affordable long-term brand marketing are brought together for mutual benefit. Because each ImpactGuideTM Super Quick Reference Guide is compact and user friendly, your brand won’t get lost, forgotten or discarded like it would with other advertising solutions. Long-term co-op brand marketing with ImpactGuidesTM is one of the most cost effective branding solutions available today. For only pennies per month you can have your brand prominently and permanently displayed in front of your target audience.



Advertising Rates:

ImpactGuidesTM are laminated quick reference guides that enable the reader to learn, reference or review a subject in 5-10 minutes or less. They are the perfect information tool for busy people who need answers fast. Impactguides expertly condense a subject to its most valuable tips, tricks, shortcuts and key concepts.

ImpactGuides consist of two, letter-size laminated pages (4 sides total) connected in the middle by a proprietary ClearkoteTM Lay-Flat Slotted Hinge. Every ImpactGuide is encased in commercial grade plastic lamination that is waterproof, tear proof, scratch and crease resistant. ImpactGuides are durable and versatile. They come with an industry exclusive limited lifetime warranty against peeling and delaminating. The average ownership of an ImpactGuide is 7.2 years, with many users reporting ownership of over 25 years!


We can accept the following file formats: EPS, TIFF (hi-res) and PDF (press quality)
The artwork should have a bleed of 1/8 Inch (4mm)
Creative design fee (one-time) $195. Included free if you provide creative in camera ready condition
Submit digital artwork files to



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