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Add premium content within your E-learning platform to increase revenues and decrease attrition rates.

Quick reference guide content for e-learning platforms

As E-Learning platform owners you strive to deliver the best course materials and that keeps your users engaged and moving forward. Adding great content from Permacharts will generate added revenue and effectively cross-sell additional courses.

If you are a university, college, online academic course providers (LMS), school board or a government organization that supports and promotes educational needs in your community, Permacharts is an ideal partner in your success.

Regardless of structure; for-profit, non-profit, or a government support agency we have a solutions that meet your goals.  

  • Recruitment -  because students keep our chart for over 7 years they are the perfect recruitment tool and very often make there way into the workplace. Our charts stand out and are highly effective, with a high perceived value. Potential students will surely remember you and value your commitment to learning.
  • Teaching or Study Aids - sold to students and used by teachers, our guides increase information retention. They make learning faster and easier by cutting through the fluff of any subject and reducing it to its core elements. Allows teachers to re-enforce core subject material well reducing a students stress levels thereby increasing confidence. Some users have notices an increase in course retention rates as an additional benefit. 
  • E-Learning Platforms (LMS) - increase your revenue per student by integrating all of our over 500 quick reference guides into your LMS platform to support and help your students succeed.

Increased revenue opportunities well adding additional value to your users.... a perfect combination!


    Better Learning - Brand Development - Increased Revenue  

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     e-learming (LMS) platform revenue enhancement program


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