Digital Applications

Permacharts provides our partners with singular and multi-faceted opportunities to reach their target audience in new and creative ways. Drive new interactions, create relationships and increase your brand presence like never before!

Digital Applications

Increasingly, companies and consumers are moving to the Web for sales and promotions. Our Permacharts team can create digital solutions which will differentiate your products and services from competitors and improve customer experience and loyalty, on and offline, therefore driving sales.

  • Insert Permacharts content into your current digital Apps, LMS platform or subscription services – delivering fresh relevant content to beef up your current properties and increase your revenue.
  • Sell charts via in-app purchases.
  • Select from over 500+ charts in 12 different categories to provide your digital properties with never ending, fresh, relevant rich content.
  • Embed HTML links within the charts, driving a customer to your website or even place native advertising smart links directly within the chart content. 

Digital charts offer increased flexibility over our tradition printed and laminated versions. A key benefit of custom content is its superior ability to increase natural search referrals on defined keyword search terms. Whether it's a custom e-chart or digital content for your website, Permacharts can develop a solution for you. 

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Advertising and Distribution Opportunities

Delivering your advertising within our best selling Permacharts titles

From cooking to anatomy, and everything in between, Permacharts are leaders in the how-to category and the ideal place to deliver contextually targeted messages. 

Position your message alongside expert how-to content. Our experts present even complex subjects in plain English. Whether that means direction on how to pass an university exam or wire an electrical outlet, people trust Permacharts to tell it like it is, without all the fluff.

Insert your brand or product advertisement within our reference guides and have them distributed to 10’s of thousands of consumers. Leverage our vast distribution relationships to get your message seen and heard in a non-intrusive manner that gets results. We are partnered with some of the leading retail and digital publishing companies across all verticals allowing you to leverage these relationships to get your brand/message in front of millions of businesses and consumers. Drive customer actions, generate new leads and increase off-line interactions. For more information, please contact us or Click here for additional business links and information.




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