Health and Wellness - 4 Chart Quick Reference Guide Bundle - Natural Remedies

Product Description

The benefits of a week long spa trip without leaving your home.

Imagine the rejuvenating feeling and lasting benefits of an expensive spa vacation without the expense and travel. You can have it all with our incredible Health and Wellness bundle. In it we teach you the tips and processes so that every day is a spa day. Everything from home remedies, detoxification tips to essential oil treatments and aromatherapy treatments.  

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In true Permacharts fashion these 4 expertly written charts provide you with just the facts, tips and information you need to know to take the stress out of your life. Go ahead and treat yourself every day. This bundle is also perfect for the spa owner to help educate your staff to deliver exceptional service!

Here is what each chart covers

1. Natural Home Remedies
  • Natural home remedies using plant-based raw foods

  • Most common ailments along with the best food sources and nutrients

  • Remedies for Arthritis, Constipation, Food Allergies, Heart Disease

  • And much more

2. Detoxification
  • You will learn how to detox the body, tips for a healthy colon

  • How to perform an enema and an implant in the comfort of your own home

  • How to detoxify your body with a raw food diet

  • And much more

3. Diet Comparison
        • What is a 'diet'?, Fad diets and health

        • Balance Nutrition plans and eating healthy - eating well! And much more

                                      4. Aromatherapy
                                          • This guide provides a systematic overview of the key elements of Aromatherapy treatments

                                          • Essential oils and how they work

                                          • The proper use of essential oils; purchase and safe storage

                                          • And much more

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                                          • Multi-panel charts are folded using our exclusive Clearkote™ Lay-Flat Hinge
                                          • Laminated both sides with a sealed edge to ensure product is waterproof and tear proof
                                          • Our Guarantee - Limited lifetime warranty against peeling and delaminating


                                             3-Panel Chart

                                            • Format: 3 panels, 6 pages 
                                            • Size when folded: 6" x 9" 
                                            • Size when open: 18" x 9" flat

                                             2-Panel Chart

                                            • Format: 2 panels, 4 pages 
                                            • Size when folded: 8.5" x 11" 
                                            • Size when open: 11" x 17" flat 

                                             1-Panel Chart

                                            • Format: 1 panel, 2 pages 
                                            • Size: 8.5" x 11"

                                             Poster Size Chart

                                            • Format: 1 panel, printed on both sides 
                                            • Size: 24" x 36" 

                                            Pocket Size Chart

                                            • Format: 1 panel, printed on both sides 
                                            • Size: 4" x 6" 

                                            Wallet Size Chart

                                            • Format: 1 panel, printed on both sides 
                                            • Size: 2.25" x 3.25"
                                              Making a Permachart reference guide
                                              • Quality – Each Permachart is researched and prepared by a Subject Matter Expert (SME). These professionals ensure that you get the best and most relevant information on the title of your choice. 
                                              • Content - Each Quick Reference Guide contains content that will provide easy-to-read and easy-to-understand training and performance support on the subject – and all presented in the most useful way. 

                                              • Usefulness – Each Permachart contains the most useful and relevant information on a given subject. The format offered a clear and concise layout; in words and info-graphics that promotes retention and memory recall. 
                                              • Guaranteed toughness – Each Quick Reference Guide is laminated in a tough plastic exterior to ensure that it will go where you go and last as long as you need it. We guarantee it with a

                                                Limited lifetime warranty against peeling and delaminating.  

                                              • Selection – More than 500 different titles across 12 different categories. 
                                              • Price – Best of all, Permacharts quick reference guides are affordable and offer a great value in useful information.
                                              • Multi-panel charts are folded using our exclusive Clearkote™ Lay-Flat Hinge

                                              MORE SUBJECTS THAN ANY OTHER SUPPLIER.

                                              Only Permacharts offers you more than 500 different titles across 12 different categories (see category bars on the left of the screen) of subject matter. Permacharts guides cover a wide selection of topics suited for home, school, or office use.   Each Permacharts reference guide has been created by an industry subject matter expert to ensure that you get the most useful titles available with the most useful content. Most titles are available in English and some titles are also available in French and Spanish. 

                                              Custom titles can also be created for you to meet special applications or needs.   All of this means that whatever subject matter you need, you can get a consistently high quality product, in a consistent format and approach, from Permacharts.



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