Mathematics Charts - High School Math Quick Reference Guides - 4-Chart Bundle

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Math at the high school level is not like it use to be. This 4-chart study aid bundle will help anyone pull up their grades.

Perfect for any student or homeschooling teacher that wants to shorten the learning curve and increase memory recall. 

In true Permacharts fashion, these 4 expertly written charts provide you with just the facts, tips and information you need to know to master the subject in record time.

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Also available as a digital download in PDF format for viewing on any device.

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Here is what each chart covers
1. Power Math Tips

This useful Guide takes the reader from the basics of number origins through an organized series of speed math tips that will enhance the abilities of anyone interested in better mathematical fluency. Multiplication, division, and mental arithmetic exercises are highlighted.

2. Geometry

This helpful Geometry Guide is a useful basic resource in the study of this branch of Mathematics. The Guide contains all of the essential definitions supported by clearly diagrammed examples of concepts such as quadrilaterals, circles and conics, plane solids, polygons, and cylinders.

3. Trigonometry

This Guide provides a useful summary to anyone who needs a quick reference to this formula-driven branch of Mathematics. The material is laid out in a series of charts that explain all fundamental trigonometric relationships.

4. Differential Equations

An entirely new (and extremely effective) way to look at and learn differential equations. This quick reference chart shows you how to work your way through first order equations, second order equations, high order linear equations, and their components.

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NOW JUST $22.95 for all 4 quick reference guides!

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  • Multi-panel charts are folded using our exclusive Clearkote™ Lay-Flat Hinge
  • Laminated both sides with a sealed edge to ensure product is waterproof and tear proof
  • Our Guarantee - Limited lifetime warranty against peeling and delaminating


     3-Panel Chart

    • Format: 3 panels, 6 pages 
    • Size when folded: 6" x 9" 
    • Size when open: 18" x 9" flat

     2-Panel Chart

    • Format: 2 panels, 4 pages 
    • Size when folded: 8.5" x 11" 
    • Size when open: 11" x 17" flat 

     1-Panel Chart

    • Format: 1 panel, 2 pages 
    • Size: 8.5" x 11"

     Poster Size Chart

    • Format: 1 panel, printed on both sides 
    • Size: 24" x 36" 

    Pocket Size Chart

    • Format: 1 panel, printed on both sides 
    • Size: 4" x 6" 

    Wallet Size Chart

    • Format: 1 panel, printed on both sides 
    • Size: 2.25" x 3.25"
      Making a Permachart reference guide
      • Quality – Each Permachart is researched and prepared by a Subject Matter Expert (SME). These professionals ensure that you get the best and most relevant information on the title of your choice. 
      • Content - Each Quick Reference Guide contains content that will provide easy-to-read and easy-to-understand training and performance support on the subject – and all presented in the most useful way. 

      • Usefulness – Each Permachart contains the most useful and relevant information on a given subject. The format offered a clear and concise layout; in words and info-graphics that promotes retention and memory recall. 
      • Guaranteed toughness – Each Quick Reference Guide is laminated in a tough plastic exterior to ensure that it will go where you go and last as long as you need it. We guarantee it with a

        Limited lifetime warranty against peeling and delaminating.  

      • Selection – More than 500 different titles across 12 different categories. 
      • Price – Best of all, Permacharts quick reference guides are affordable and offer a great value in useful information.
      • Multi-panel charts are folded using our exclusive Clearkote™ Lay-Flat Hinge


      Only Permacharts offers you more than 500 different titles across 12 different categories (see category bars on the left of the screen) of subject matter. Permacharts guides cover a wide selection of topics suited for home, school, or office use.   Each Permacharts reference guide has been created by an industry subject matter expert to ensure that you get the most useful titles available with the most useful content. Most titles are available in English and some titles are also available in French and Spanish. 

      Custom titles can also be created for you to meet special applications or needs.   All of this means that whatever subject matter you need, you can get a consistently high quality product, in a consistent format and approach, from Permacharts.



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