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  1. Italian Grammar - Languages Quick Reference Guide
    The fundamentals of Italian Grammar are explained with the great grammar tips and techniques contained in this Guide. This Guide provides anyone interested in acquiring the basics of Italian grammar with a useful reference source. All essential Italian grammar rules are explained in a systematic fashion, with helpful explanatory charts
  2. Joints Articulations - Hands - Anatomy Poster 24" x 36" Laminated Reference Guide
    Joints Articulations - A anatomical laminated poster of the human body joints and its articulations. This is a double sided poster. On one side, you'll find vividly color diagrams of each joint in the body displayed. On the other side, the hand, including the different views, various levels (dissections), muscles, nail bed &...
  3. Julius Caesar - Literature Quick Reference Guide by Permacharts
    Classic Shakespeare! This Guide is an essential resource for anyone studying Julius Caesar. This Guide is an unparalleled study aid that will assist any student in their appreciation of this classic Shakespearean work. Background, key themes, a chapter by chapter summary, and the essential characters are effectively described.
  4. Ketogenic Diet 101
    Keto Diet reference guide is an ideal resource to learn and understand the benefits of a ketogenic diet. An overview explaining the fundamentals of the ketogenic diet and handy charts illustrating nutritional information help you master keto in no time. Using easy to read content and rich infographics that cover all...
  5. Laboratory Basics - Science Quick Reference Guide
    Lab safety is the cornerstone principle in this compelling Guide. All international safety symbols are clearly defined, with all basic lab glassware and equipment depicted by text description and diagrams. The Guide also provides helpful tips in the measurement and handling of potentially dangerous substances in any laboratory.
  6. Learning and Teaching From Spectator to Actor Quick Reference Guide
    Part of the "Award Winning Professors Series"* This Permacharts will focus on student preparation for course and classroom engagement. What is engagement? Involvement, on all levels, in learning, interest and motivation, participation, and co-management of teaching and learning. Why should you expect, and prepare for, engagement? The short answer is...
  7. Legal Writing - Canadian - Law Quick Reference Guide
    Strong legal writing skills are essential to Canadian law students, paralegal personnel, lawyers, and anyone who seeks to communicate Canadian legal concepts in a clear and effective manner. This comprehensive Guide combines useful grammatical aides with helpful writing and definitional summaries that provide assistance to anyone who values the ability to...
  8. Lymphatic System - Anatomy Medical Pocket Chart - Quick Reference Guide
    A detailed overview of the lymphatic system in your pocket. In this 4.5" x 6.75" laminated medical pocket chart we detail the drainage of the lungs, breast, heart, and other major organs are illustrated and labeled in great detail.
  9. Marketing - Business Productivity Quick Reference Guide
    An easy to follow summary of every key marketing principle. The ability to effectively match a product or service to a need requires a well rounded understanding of the selling, public relations, and advertising that makes up the marketing disciplines. This detailed Guide provides assistance to anyone who requires an understanding of market...
  10. Sale
    Medical and Anatomy Charts - 4 Chart Quick Reference Guide Nursing Bundle
    Medical Students and practicing Physicians will benefit most from this 4 chart bundle. In this value bundle series you get 4 quick reference guides that cover Anatomy MemorEase, Cardiorespiratory System, the Digestive System and Circulatory System. Permachart are known as the best learning and study aids in the medical community and in...
  11. Medicine Drip Rates II - Medical Pocket Quick Reference Guide - Laminated
    It takes 2 charts to cover the important medicines. This medical pocket chart provides the generic name, brand name, common use, diluted concentration & common dilutent for a range of medicines (e.g., lidocaine, nitroglycerin, nicardipine, propofol, morphine sulfate). Save with this value bundle containing both Medical Drip rates I and II
  12. Membrane Transport - Biology Quick Reference Guide
    The specific elements of plasma membrane and its relationship to cellular function are described in this helpful Guide. Passive processes such as osmosis and the active processes such as ATP are explained with reference to how the human cell generates energy, receives nutrients, and processes waste materials.
  13. Motivation - Business Development Quick Reference Guide
    Business & Business & Professional Development leadership is often built upon the ability to motivate a team - here's how! The ability to motivate others is a vital skill in any Business & Business & Professional Development or management setting. This Guide provides effective motivational strategies for those who seek self-motivation as well...
  14. Multicellular Biology Quick Reference Guide
    This Guide is the progressive companion to the Cellular Biology title. The complexities of human physiology are made much clearer through the bright graphics and intelligently coordinated text boxes and glossaries that are employed in each subject area. The treatment of fundamental principles such as photosynthesis and ecology give this...
  15. Muscular System - Medical Pocket Chart Quick Reference Guide by Permacharts
    The human muscular system is described in this comprehensive Guide with the effective use of full colour diagrams, and corresponding text. The body is subdivided into 7 separate muscular sub-groupings for ease of reference, with specific muscles numbered to provide a clear linkage to the proper anatomical term.
  16. Dosing Medical Marijuana - Quick Reference Guide, Cannabis Educational Series
    This 4-page, laminated quick reference guide provides a great overview of concepts and processes associated with dosing requirements of medical marijuana. The chart covers in detail the history of medical marijuana, the various concepts to determine therapeutic values, influences over individual doses along with calculating a dose. A great grid chart on different...
  17. Ear, Nose & Throat Medical Anatomy Poster - 24" x 36" Laminated Quick Reference
    This Ear, Nose & Throat Poster size, laminated quick reference chart provides views and information on the nasal & pharyngeal cavity, tongue, epiglottis, tonsils, sinuses, the ear, larynx, osseous & membranous labyrinths, and surgical treatment of severe otitis media.
  18. Effective Business Writing Business & Productivity Quick Reference Guide
    Write like a Pro! Build great Business Writing skills with one quick reference Guide. Provides details on Business & Business & Professional Development of writing, basic steps of effective writing, hooking the reader, pulling your ideas together, keeping it brief, knowing the reader, getting to the point, using active writing, salutations,...
  19. Electricity & Magnetism Quick Reference Guide
    This quick reference Guide is another one of the many products that effectively advances one's knowledge of a distinct aspect of the physical sciences. The basic of the properties of electricity and electrical circuits are established in a chart that provides helpful graphic aids. Magnetism, electromagnetism, and the laws governing the conduction...
  20. English as a Second Language - Language Quick Reference Guide
    As the world's most important language, English language study skills are made crystal clear in this quick reference Guide! English language skills are the most essential component of success for anyone who wants to live or work in North America. This excellent Guide provides the aspiring English language student with...
  21. English Basic Sentence Structures - Language Quick Reference Guide
    Putting together the parts of a sentence is an important part of speaking and writing English correctly. This quick reference Permachart contains useful information on the parts of speech used to create simple, compound, and complex sentences.
  22. English Grammar - Language Quick Reference Guide
    In our digital world, this Guide gives anyone who wants to really write effectively some great grammar tips and techniques. This informative Guide provides both students and those interested in building stronger grammatical skills with a comprehensive summary of English Grammar and its multitude of rules and exceptions. Verb types and...
  23. English Verbs - Language Quick Reference Guide
    Understanding the complexities of English verb usage is made easy in this practical Guide! This informative Guide provides both students and those interested in building stronger grammatical skills with a comprehensive summary of English verb usages and structures. Verb types and tenses are illustrated using helpful and practical examples. Potentially problematic...
  24. ER Trauma I & II - Medical Pocket Chart Bundle
    Great quick reference guide bundle for nursing and EMT's covering ER Trauma I and II. 4.5" x 6.75" laminated nursing pockets charts. The first is ER Trauma I that covers general information, triage, and the primary survey, which includes the ABCs, monitoring, X-rays, resuscitation, and patient transport. The ER Trauma II chart covers...


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