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  1. Criminology - Law Quick Reference Guide
    Criminology concerns itself with the ethology, prevention, control and treatment of crime and delinquency. As criminology is the scientific study of crime and criminals, criminological theories and typological explanations help us to understand how and why crime occurs. This quick reference study Guide provides an outline of the major theoretical...
  2. A Streetcar Named Desire - Literature Quick Reference Guide - Novel Summary
    An American Classic This quick study guide is an essential resource for anyone studying A Streetcar Named Desire. This play is considered to be an epic work from Tennessee Williams. This laminated reference guide covers the basics, characters, symbols, setting, main plot, time & structure, themes, and a scene-by-scene play summary Ideal...
  3. Administrative Law - Canadian Chart - Quick Reference Guide 4-page Laminated
    Administrative law directly influences the life of every Canadian citizen. All municipal, provincial and federal agencies operate pursuant to general Administrative law principles. An understanding of all administrative law functions is furthered by this comprehensive Guide, as complex legal concepts are effectively explained in clear and straightforward language. All definitions,...
  4. American Sign Language - ASL - Wallet Size - Quick Reference Chart
    As the most important sign language used in North America, ASL study skills are made crystal clear in this quick reference Guide! This chart uses clear pictographs to show all letters of the alphabet and common hand gestures. Learning and communicating with sign language has never been easier. Laminated and...
  5. American Sign Language Quick Reference Guide
    As the most important sign language used in North America, ASL study skills are made crystal clear in this quick reference Guide! This ASL chart covers rules of basic sentence structure, sign variations, questions, verbs, simple etiquette, adjectives, positives & negatives, people & relationships, non-manual elements, tense, classifiers and manual...
  6. Annuals - Flowers Gardening Quick Reference Guide
    A well designed garden with a beautiful mix of annuals and perennials is the dream of many horticulturists. This quick reference Guide provides excellent support to gardeners of all levels of ability. This Guide builds on the principles described in the companion Guides - Designing a Garden and Perennials. Annuals are a horticultural feature that...
  7. Arthritis - Quick Reference Guide
    This Guide is the ultimate Arthritis quick reference source! Learn more about the world's most common bone disease.This Guide provides a systematic overview of the key elements of Arthritis, including: osteoarthritis; rheumatoid arthritis; gout; diagnosis of arthritis; treatment, including physical therapy and arthoplasty. Arthritis - the basic principles Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid arthritis Gouts...
  8. Asthma - Health Quick Reference Guide
    This Guide is the ultimate Asthma quick reference source! This Guide provides a systematic overview of the key elements of Asthma, including: A definition of Asthma; causes of asthma; a description of an asthma attack; the relationship between asthma and exercise. Asthma medications, treatments, and side effects are also set out in a useful...
  9. Back Injury Prevention and Treatment Quick Reference Guide
    Back pain, lower back injuries and strain are very common and this helpful guide outlines the steps you can take to prevent back injuries. This resource guide covers everything from prevention to cure. Proper seating positions, common misunderstandings, exercises, treatments and methods to reduce back pain. This guide also deals...
  10. Basic Wiring - Home Improvement Quick Reference Guide
    This quick reference Guide provides excellent support to anyone who wants to perform a basic wiring job in the home or office, from the first time do-it-yourselfer to the veteran. This useful Guide to the Basic Wiring of a building is a comprehensive reference for anyone who wishes to understand how the electrical...
  11. Body, Mind and Spirit Guides - Retail Kit
    Chakras, Aromatherapy, Yoga and T'ai Chi Guides. These laminated, natural health and eastern traditions reference guides are packed full of all the great informative facts and tips customer love. This Retail POP (point-of-purchase) merchandiser package is ideal for eastern medicine, holistic health, naturalistic and associated health and spiritualistic related retail...
  12. Brain - Medical Pocket Chart - Human Brain Quick Reference Guide
    This laminated medical pocket Guide is the ultimate reference for the human Brain and its related systems! The human Brain is described in this comprehensive Guide with the effective use of full colour diagrams, and corresponding text. The Brain is examined from 7 separate perspectives for ease of reference, with its...
  13. Breast Cancer Quick Reference Guide - Breast Cancer Resource Chart
    This Guide is the ultimate Breast Cancer quick reference source! This Guide provides a systematic overview of the key elements of Breast Cancer, including: an overview of the disease; risk / prevention; symptoms of breast cancer; principles of early detection; screening and detection methods; treatment and side effects. A helpful glossary is also...
  14. Burn Treatment - Medical Pocket Chart Quick Reference Guide 4" x 6" Laminated
    Treating burns requires special care and specific knowledge. This laminated medical pocket quick reference chart covers severity of a burn, emergency burn management, inhalation injury, infections, infection monitoring, grafts, wound healing, skin preservation, and wound care.
  15. Calculus Integrals II - Math Quick Reference Guide
    This advanced quick reference Guide provides further reference materials to the summary provided in Calculus Integrals I. More complex mathematical relationships are developed in a concise fashion in this quick reference study guide.
  16. Philosophy Quick Reference Guide by Permacharts
    This comprehensive Guide provides the reader with a structured and information packed reference to the basic principles of one of the greatest Humanities disciplines. The ancient concepts of the Metaphysics, both Universals and Particulars, are placed in the context of Ethics, Morality, and Epistemology. Notable philosophers and their contributions to human...
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    Physics Guides- High School Physics Quick Reference Guide - 4 Chart Bundle
    Physics can be a tough subject for many students, shorten the learning curve with this 4-chart study aid bundle. Improve your grades the recall of vital information! In true Permacharts fashion, these 4 expertly written charts provide you with just the facts, tips and information you need to know to master the...
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    Physiotherapy Charts - 8 Chart Bundle
    This Physiotherapy Quick Reference Guide bundle is a fantastic resource for those studying physiotherapy or for use in existing clinics to assist, train and guide staff and patients in their treatment. Get a total of 8 laminated or digital versions of these detailed and beautiful reference guides. Each chart is 8.5" x 11' and...
  19. Project Management - Business Productivity Quick Reference Guide
    These portable Project Management tips will assist in all projects great and small. The Guide provides comprehensive support to anyone who seeks to organize and direct a project from start to finish. Planning skills are especially emphasized in the context of the project life cycle of Plan / Do / Evaluate. Helpful information...
  20. Promissory Note Legal Forms Kit - USA - by Permacharts
    Package Contains: 2 Blank Liberty Legal Forms 1 Full-size worksheet with step-by-step instructions Handy Quick Reference Guide This Liberty Legal Form: Perfect for those lending or borrowing smaller sums of money Clearly states the loan amount and interest rate Outlines the conditions and terms of borrowing or lending money Provides room for...
  21. Raw Vegan Living Guides - Retail Kit
    Take advantage of the high demand for good educational materials and consumer interest in natural health and organic raw vegan lifestyle and living. This Retail POP (point-of-purchase) merchandiser package is ideal for retail health and organic food stores, book shops, holistic health and wellness related retail stores. This self-contained retail...
  22. Real Property Law - Canada - Quick Reference Guide by Permacharts
    The rights and obligations associated with the ownership of land and property in Canada are at the heart of this reference Guide. The various types of Canadian legal property interests and the definition of key terms are all provided in a concise and effective summary. The often complex inter-relationships between property...
  23. Residential Lease Agreement Legal Forms Kit - USA - by Permacharts
    Package Contains: 2 Blank Liberty Legal Forms 1 Full-size worksheet with step-by-step instructions Handy Quick Reference Guide This Liberty Legal Form: For houses, condominiums, apartments, etc. Outlines terms & details of occupancy including Rental amount Due date & late fees Security deposit Clearly specifies Landlord responsibilities & Tenant obligations Is easy to...
  24. Securities Regulation - Finance and Economics Quick Reference Guide
    The notorious cases such as Enron make this concise Guide to Security regulation a "must read". Security regulation has acquired special significance in American law in recent years with the highly publicized problems with many aspects of the security industry. This detailed Guide provides a glossary of the pertinent security regulation terms...


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