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  1. First Aid Guides - Retail Kit
    Family safety and first aid guides. These laminated reference guides contain all the information a customer needs to know in an emergency or for first responder training purposes. This Retail POP (point-of-purchase) merchandiser package is ideal for retail stores in the pharmacy, automotive and industrial supplies, marinas and healthcare space just...
  2. GMAT - Graduate Management Admin Test - Academic Quick Reference Guide
    The basics, such as the format, marking scheme, and useful things to remember, as well as critical reasoning, data sufficiency, sentence correction, reading comprehension, problem solving, and the analytical writing assessment all included.
  3. Cool Crafts for Kids - Arts & Craft Guide - Kids Activities Guide
    This wonderful quick reference Guide is filled with great aids to keep young people engaged in creative and absorbing crafts for hours on end. Crafts are a staple feature in any young child's development. This information packed Guide is a companion to the Art Crafts for Kids guide, and it provides a wealth...
  4. Canadian Tax Tips
    This quick reference guide walks you through the Canadian tax system. You are responsible for reporting your income to the CRA (Canada Revenue Agency) by filing an annual income tax return. The Canadian income tax system is based on self-assessment, this means that you use your tax return to voluntarily...
  5. German Shepherds
    This excellent Guide does justice to one of the world's great dog breeds. The breeding, care and training of the German Shepherd is provided in this useful Guide. Attention is paid to the breed characteristics to assist German Shepherd owners in the best practices for the healthy care of these...
  6. Federal Income Tax - Personal Finance Income Tax Filing Quick Reference Guide
    Federal income tax may not be much more fun to learn about than it is to pay, but at least you can do something about the former. This chart provides information on gross income, deductions and allowances, tax liability, and procedure.
  7. Body, Mind and Spirit Guides - Retail Kit
    Chakras, Aromatherapy, Yoga and T'ai Chi Guides. These laminated, natural health and eastern traditions reference guides are packed full of all the great informative facts and tips customer love. This Retail POP (point-of-purchase) merchandiser package is ideal for eastern medicine, holistic health, naturalistic and associated health and spiritualistic related retail...
  8. Employment Agreement Legal Forms Kit - USA - by Permacharts
    Package Contains: 2 Blank Liberty Legal Forms 1 Full-size worksheet with step-by-step instructions Handy Quick Reference Guide This Liberty Legal Form: Explains employee duties and obligations Includes confidentiality clause States terms of employment and causes for termination Clearly states employee's wage and pay period Includes optional section for benefits and/or bonuses Is...
  9. Dinosaurs Guide - Early Learning - Paleontology Quick Reference Chart
    The eternal fascination that humans hold for these great creatures is well captured in this concise quick reference Guide. The reader has convenient access to descriptions of each of the eras in which dinosaurs ruled their earth, coupled with convenient references that link dinosaur species to their physical descriptions and...
  10. Chiropractic Medicine - Medical Quick Reference Guide
    This 2-panel guide is the ultimate Chiropractic Medicine quick reference source! This Guide provides a systematic overview of the key basic principles of Chiropractic, including: the history of Chiropractic; spine and nervous system anatomy; chiropractic examinations / assessment; chiropractic care. Excellent anatomical diagrams are also provided.
  11. Effective Listening Business & Productivity Quick Reference Guide
    A good listener is a good communicator! The quick reference Guide tells you how effective listening makes everyone effective. Good listening is essential to effective communication. This Guide draws the fundamental distinction between hearing and listening, with strategies to reinforce how to be a good listener at all times in any conversation. 'I...
  12. Digestive System - Medical Pocket Chart Quick Reference Guide
    This quick reference guide includes detailed illustrations, with corresponding labels of the entire digestive system, simplify the complex digestive process from the mouth to the intestines.
  13. Calculus Integrals II - Math Quick Reference Guide
    This advanced quick reference Guide provides further reference materials to the summary provided in Calculus Integrals I. More complex mathematical relationships are developed in a concise fashion in this quick reference study guide.
  14. Great Parties for Kids - Party Planning Quick Reference Guide and Tip Sheet
    A child's party will generate no fear for the adult planner with this great Guide! This information packed Guide gives any adult planner of a child's party reams of helpful and focused party planning tips. Particular attention is paid to how a great kid's party is geared to the age and interest of...
  15. Breast Cancer Quick Reference Guide - Breast Cancer Resource Chart
    This Guide is the ultimate Breast Cancer quick reference source! This Guide provides a systematic overview of the key elements of Breast Cancer, including: an overview of the disease; risk / prevention; symptoms of breast cancer; principles of early detection; screening and detection methods; treatment and side effects. A helpful glossary is also...
  16. A Streetcar Named Desire
    An American Classic This quick study guide is an essential resource for anyone studying A Streetcar Named Desire. This play is considered to be an epic work from Tennessee Williams. This laminated reference guide covers the basics, characters, symbols, setting, main plot, time & structure, themes, and a scene-by-scene play summary. Ideal...
  17. Car Games - Cdn Edition - Kids Games Quick Reference Guide
    Car games can take the tedium out of child's long car ride with this great quick reference Guide! Any adult who has struggled to entertain children over any period of time in an automobile will appreciate the techniques described in this fun Guide! Over 20 car games are described in...
  18. Death of a Salesman - Literature Quick Reference Guide
    An American Classic! This 4-page laminated novel quick reference Guide is an essential resource for anyone studying Death of a Salesman. This Guide is an unparalleled study aid that will assist any student in their appreciation of this classic work of American literature. Background, key themes, a chapter by chapter summary, and...
  19. EMT-B - Emergency Medical Exam - Medical Quick Reference Guide
    Strive for your best possible Emergency Medical Technician examination result with the help of the study tips and techniques contained in this useful Guide! This quick reference Guide explains the certification process required to achieve designation as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician. The relationship between this designation and that of Paramedic...
  20. Grammaire Francaise - Language Quick Reference Guide
    Ce guide de grammaire française propose aux apprenants de française langue étrangère de repères précis pour maîtriser la conjugaison des verbes et les règles essentielles. Les explications sont rédigèes dans une langue claire avec de nobreux exemples et tableaux afin de rendre cet apprentissage plus simple.
  21. Business Law Guide - Legal Quick Reference Guide
    This informative Guide gives the reader the basic principles of American Business & Business & Professional Development law in one well ordered source. This quick reference study guide provides a structured summary of American Business & Business & Professional Development law concepts. The Guide integrates contract, property and company law principles...
  22. Cannabis Guides - Cooking / Growing Retail Kit
    Take advantage of the high demand for good educational materials and consumer interest in medical marijuana and CBD's This Retail POP (point-of-purchase) merchandiser package is ideal for retail stores in the health and wellness space, CBD market, and alternative health stores. This self-contained retail display unit is designed for checkout...
  23. Calculus Integrals I - Math Quick Reference Guide
    This basic quick reference study guide provides a clear summary of essential Integrals information, including a basic table and references to specialized Integrals such as trigonometric and hyperbolic integrals.
  24. Food for Kids - Nutritianal Guide for Children Quick Reference Guide
    Healthy eating for young people has never been more important - let this Guide show you how! The fundamental importance of good food, a healthy diet, and sound nutrition are emphasized in this child-centered food Guide. The progressive nutritional needs of children from the stage of a baby's first foods to the broader...


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