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  1. Childhood Diseases Pediatric Quick Reference Guide
    This Childhood Diseases Guide is the ultimate quick reference in the study and understanding of a wide variety of Childhood Diseases. This comprehensive, 2 - page laminated Guide provides both students and practitioners with an invaluable resource concerning the nature and extent of Childhood Diseases. The importance of vaccinations is stressed; important diseases...
  2. Casino Games Guide - Learn Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker and more
    This Guide provides both the novice player and casino veterans with a comprehensive summary of the games of chance on offer at most North American casinos. The winning strategies to be employed in games such as Roulette, Slots, Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Poker are provided.
  3. The Merchant of Venice Literature Quick Reference Guide - Novel Summary
    Classic Shakespeare! This Guide is an essential resource for anyone studying The Merchant of Venice. This Guide is an unparalleled study aid that will assist any student in their appreciation of this classic Shakespearean work. Background, key themes, a chapter by chapter summary, and the essential characters are effectively described.
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    Organic Chemistry Nomenclature - Chemistry Quick Reference Guide
    This detailed Guide provides both Chemistry students and advanced professionals with a clear and useful summary of all key principles that underlie the nomenclature employed in Organic Chemistry.
  5. Canadian Government - Political Science - Government Quick Reference Guide
    The complexities of the Canadian federal government system are made much clearer with this well structured quick reference Guide! This Guide provides an exceptional overview of the main components of Canadian government structure. The Guide traces the development of the Canadian Constitution from its roots in the English unwritten constitution...
  6. Hand - Joints Articulations - Anatomy Poster 24" x 36" Laminated Reference Guide
    A Hand - Joints Articulations Poster. On one side, you'll find vividly colored diagrams of the hand, including the different views, various levels (dissections), muscles, nail bed & tendinous insertions. On the other side, each joint in the body displayed.
  7. Solar System Chart - Astronomy Quick Reference Guide
    This informative Guide is a great to assist to anyone who requires a quick reference to the structure and characteristics of our Solar System and its constituent parts. The planets are each described with the aid of brilliant color photographs. Other celestial objects such as asteroids and comets are also detailed.
  8. Reflexology / Acupuncture Points Poster - Medical Poster Quick Reference Chart
    Acupuncture Points Poster / Reflexology Poster Laminated 36" x 24" Quick Reference Guide poster. 2 posters for the price of 1! On one side, you will find vivid depictions of reflexology points for the hands, feet, and head. On the other side, you will find the body's meridians from several views.
  9. Naturopathy and Holistic Doctors Office Medical Poster Bundle
    This Naturopathy and Holistic doctors office art poster bundle strikes the perfect balance between art and education. This anatomy poster bundle includes three 24" x 36" laminated posters. You will receive 1 copy of each of the following wall charts Acupuncture Points The Lymphatic System The Digestive System Each anatomy poster includes...
  10. Physiotherapist Medical Anatomy Office Art Poster Bundle
    This Physiotherapist medical anatomy office art bundle strikes the perfect balance between art and education. This anatomy poster bundle includes three 24" x 36" laminated posters. You will receive 1 copy of each of the following wall charts The Skeletal System The Muscular System The Nervous System Each anatomy poster includes incredible...
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    Nursing, BSN, Registered Nursing Year 1 Curriculum Essential Quick Reference Guides - 20 Medical Chart Bundle
    This BSN, Registered Nursing Year 1 Curriculum 20 chart quick reference guide bundle is an essential study aid for all students taking first-year nursing. This bundle includes 12 medical related laminated 8.5" x 11" charts and 4 laminated medical pocket-sized charts. The other 4 charts in the nursing bundle cover interpersonal and professional development...
  12. Ultimate Barbecue Guide - Food & Drink Quick Reference Guide
    From simple summer fare to more intricately prepared grilled delicacies, the barbecue is an all-season cooking delight. This Ultimate Barbecue Survival Guide is designed as both a comprehensive guide to the amateur backyard chef and an inspiration to the most savvy and experienced grill masters. The Guide provides a wide variety of...
  13. English Basic Sentence Structures - Language Quick Reference Guide
    Putting together the parts of a sentence is an important part of speaking and writing English correctly. This quick reference Permachart contains useful information on the parts of speech used to create simple, compound, and complex sentences.
  14. Hanging Wallpaper - Home Decorating Quick Reference Guide
    Approach that tricky wallpaper job from a whole new perspective with this great Guide! This home improvement Guide is a practical resource for anyone who wants to renew or renovate their living space with new wallpaper. The guide sets out selection tips and the necessary tools to do the job well. The...
  15. Early Spelling Guide - Early Learning Quick Reference Guide
    Establish the fundamentals of effective communication at an early age with this strong Early Spelling Guide.This great quick reference Guide helps establish a solid foundation for a critical child communication skill - spelling. Excellent charts and spelling games are featured; the laminated Guide permits information to be written in as the child moves...
  16. Building a Deck - Home Improvement - Construction Quick Reference Guide
    This quick reference Guide provides excellent support to all backyard builders, from the first time do-it-yourselfer to the veteran. This comprehensive Guide provides assistance to the home renovator who wants to construct a backyard deck. The Guide is moves from a listing of all required tools, to helpful tips of the selection...
  17. Meeting Management - Business Productivity Quick Reference Guide
    Make every meeting a productive use of your valuable time! In an era where effective time management has become the most important aspect of Business & Business & Professional Development organization, an effective meeting must be organized and time sensitive. This focused Guide breaks down the meeting process into its constituent...
  18. Customer Service Business & Productivity Quick Reference Guide
    Customer service leads to customer satisfaction through the tips in this quick reference Guide! This Guide assists in taking a customer in any Business & Business & Professional Development beyond simply meeting their expectations. Systems to ensure ongoing quality customer service are explained. Face to face customer meetings and telephone / Internet...
  19. Presentation Skills Guide - Professional Development Quick Reference Guide
    A great presentation does not just happen - this Guide provides the strategies to make it happen! This Guide addresses the fundamental problems that are commonly encountered by anyone making a presentation to a group in any setting. The Guide describes presentations by contrasting the symptoms of poor presentations with the readily available cures....
  20. Negotiation Skills - Business Productivity Quick Reference Guide
    Good negotiations - the heart of all Business & Business & Professional Development and personal relationships! This Guide is aimed at the Business & Business & Professional Development world, but it contains helpful tips and strategies that have a universal appeal. Strong negotiation skills are at the heart of any successful contractual...
  21. Project Management - Business Productivity Quick Reference Guide
    These portable Project Management tips will assist in all projects great and small. The Guide provides comprehensive support to anyone who seeks to organize and direct a project from start to finish. Planning skills are especially emphasized in the context of the project life cycle of Plan / Do / Evaluate. Helpful information...
  22. Motivation - Business Development Quick Reference Guide
    Business & Business & Professional Development leadership is often built upon the ability to motivate a team - here's how! The ability to motivate others is a vital skill in any Business & Business & Professional Development or management setting. This Guide provides effective motivational strategies for those who seek self-motivation as well...
  23. Canadian Geography - Geography Quick Reference Guide
    This Guide is a specialized resource for anyone who has an interest in the study of Canadian Geography! This Guide provides a useful summary of the location and distribution of Canada's people, places in relation to the landscape and features of the country. Both Canada's human geography and physical geography are related...
  24. Alimentos Crudos - Superalimentos
    Superfoods...Your Guide to Understanding the Benefits The modern world challenges our bodies from every imaginable perspective. A well-balanced diet may not be enough to achieve optimal health. We have become increasingly aware of the serious impact on our food sources due to soil depletion and the rapid nutrition loss sustained during...


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