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  1. Geography Quick Reference Guide
    This Guide is a handy resource for anyone who has an interest in the study of Geography! This Guide provides the reader with the fundamental principles of geographic studies. Physical and human geography are each defined and explained by way of practical examples.
  2. How to Write a Great Resume - Quick Reference Guide
    Make a compelling personal statement with a resume that follows this helpful Guide! This Guide provides effective assistance to anyone who is making an application for employment, both in person or by way of telecommuting based employment. Resume types and cover letters are each explained, and samples are included in the Guide....
  3. World of Coffee - Food & Drink Quick Reference Guide
    This handy Guide is an indispensable resource to any coffee lover. This Guide provides the coffee lover with excellent background information to better understand the worlds most popular prepared beverage. The coffee growing regions of the world are identified, as are the types of coffee available as well as the...
  4. APA Documentation Quick Reference Guide
    "You have to be some kind of forensic expert to figure out APA rules." - One frustrated student! This Permachart quick reference guide will change all that. Why Document Well? To enable readers to retrieve and to use your sources To give due credit to your sources (to avoid plagiarism) To...
  5. Inorganic Chemistry Nomenclature - Chemistry Quick Reference Guide
    This detailed Guide provides both Chemistry students and advanced professionals with a clear and useful summary of all key principles that underlie the nomenclature employed in Inorganic Chemistry.
  6. Abnormal Psychology - Human Studies Quick Reference Guide
    This Guide is the ultimate Abnormal Psychology quick reference chart! This laminated quick study guide provides a systematic overview of the key basic principles of Abnormal Psychology (Psychopathology) Including: abnormal behaviour; assessment and diagnosis; classic conditioning; operant conditioning; disorders such as schizophrenia, anxiety, mood disorders, and dissociative disorders. The symptoms, causes,...
  7. Organize and Prioritize - Organising Quick Reference Guide
    Procrastination is a serious barrier to productivity for many people and this Guide is a collection of helpful tactics and tips to overcome this common problem. Concise charts provide a quick reference to basic planning tools that are invaluable aids to better health and safety, home and car maintenance, and family management.
  8. Annuals - Flowers Gardening Quick Reference Guide
    A well designed garden with a beautiful mix of annuals and perennials is the dream of many horticulturists. This quick reference Guide provides excellent support to gardeners of all levels of ability. This Guide builds on the principles described in the companion Guides - Designing a Garden and Perennials. Annuals are a horticultural feature that...
  9. Spring Gardening Guides - 4 Chart Gardening Quick Reference Guide Bundle
    Spring is here and there is no better way to get your garden on then with this 4 charts value pack! What to plant, where, when and how. Don't have a green thumb? Well worry no more as we've got it all covered with our easy to follow, no-nonsense format. Take them...
  10. Container Gardens Guide - Gardening - Quick Reference Chart
    A great well designed garden can come in any size. This quick reference Guide provides excellent support to gardeners who have dreams of beauty in a small space. This Guide provides specific assistance to anyone who seeks the beauty of a lovely garden in a small space. Container gardens for use on patios, decks,...
  11. Designing a Garden - Gardening Quick Reference Guide
    A well designed garden is the dream of anyone who loves horticulture. This quick reference Guide provides excellent support to gardeners of all levels of ability. Designing the perfect garden is the dream of most homeowners. This Guide takes the prospective perfect gardener from the planning stage to implementation, through a carefully...
  12. Accounting II - Canadian Edition - 4-page Laminated Quick Reference Guide
    Advance your knowledge with our advanced Accounting II Guide! This companion quick reference guide to Accounting I develops the reader's understanding of balance sheets before moving into an effective summary of how assets are treated for accounting purposes. Types of assets are defined with accompanying definitions, with various forms of asset...
  13. Nervous System Poster / Circulatory System Anatomy Poster - 24" x 36" Laminated
    Nervous System Poster / Circulatory System Poster. 2 posters for the price of 1! One side gives you complete illustrations & labels of the full nervous system. The other side provides a full color overview of the arterial and venous systems, along with the circulation for the head, limbs, and portal area.
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    EMT - Nursing Emergency Medicine Pocket Charts - 5 Quick Reference Guide Bundle
    Emergency Medical Technicians and First Responders will benefit most from this 5 chart reference guide pocket medical chart series. This bundle includes 5 laminated 4.5" x 6.75" pocket charts that you will find invaluable when treating patients. Included in this bundle are the following titles: Medical Drip Rates I and II Chart I - This chart...
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    Holiday Entertaining Guides- Food & Drink Quick Reference Chart Bundle
    Remove the stress this holiday season by making your holiday entertaining fun again! We have everything covered in this 4 charts set. A guide for preparing and cooking the perfect turkey and other recipes, wine selection, cocktails and fantastic speciality coffee ideas and more are all included in this go-to-value -bundle. All...
  16. Nursing I & II - Quick Reference Medical Pocket Charts Bundle
    This Nursing I & II medical pocket charts reference bundle includes 2 4.5" x 6.75" laminated charts for quick access to important information. Perfect for registered nurses, EMT/EMS and nursing students. The Nursing I pocket chart provides useful, on-the-job information on identification of immediate priorities, pressure ulcer staging, arterial blood gases, Glasgow Coma Scale...
  17. How to Write a Great Lab Report - Quick Reference Guide
    Take the fear out of writing lab reports with the wonderful tips and strategies found in this Guide! Many science students are intimidated by the prospect of preparing a cogent and effective lab report. This helpful Guide removes lab report anxiety with a series of practical report writing tips. Styles, the proper...
  18. Free Body Diagrams - Physics Quick Reference Guide by Prmacharts
    A great Guide for any problem solving that is connected to the equilibrium of rigid bodies and forces. This Guide is an essential aid for anyone engaged in problem solving that is concerned with the equilibrium of rigid bodies and the forces that act upon them. Basic situation sand force types...
  19. Thermodynamics Physics Quick Reference Guide
    This detailed and well structured Guide builds upon the Physics principles defined in its companion Guides. The basic concepts are clearly and concisely defined and the laws of Thermodynamics are clearly articulated. Graphics and charts are also employed throughout the Guide to convey the scientific concepts in an attractive and...
  20. Reproductive System - Nursing Medical Pocket Chart - Quick Reference Guide
    This laminated medical pocket of the reproductive system is illustrations with corresponding labels outline both the male and female reproductive systems in detail.
  21. Free Verse Poetry - Writing Quick Reference Guide
    Part of the "Award Winning Professors Series"* W.H. Auden once said, "I love to be around words, watching them play together." Poetry, it can be argued, originates in our innate impulse to play. Conventional poetry resembles a tennis match, with regulated boundaries, scoring, and penalties. Sonnets are strict. A formal villanelle, like...
  22. Casino Games Guide - Learn Blackjack, Craps, Roulette, Poker and more
    This Guide provides both the novice player and casino veterans with a comprehensive summary of the games of chance on offer at most North American casinos. The winning strategies to be employed in games such as Roulette, Slots, Craps, Baccarat, Blackjack, and Poker are provided.
  23. The Merchant of Venice Literature Quick Reference Guide - Novel Summary
    Classic Shakespeare! This Guide is an essential resource for anyone studying The Merchant of Venice. This Guide is an unparalleled study aid that will assist any student in their appreciation of this classic Shakespearean work. Background, key themes, a chapter by chapter summary, and the essential characters are effectively described.
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    Organic Chemistry Nomenclature - Chemistry Quick Reference Guide
    This detailed Guide provides both Chemistry students and advanced professionals with a clear and useful summary of all key principles that underlie the nomenclature employed in Organic Chemistry.


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