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  1. Colors & Shapes - Early Childhood Learning Guide - Quick Reference Guide
    Help any child commence their early childhood education with this bright and eye catching guide! This bright and eye-catching reference Guide helps any child develop a greater appreciation of basic colors and shapes. As a child is taken through the Guide's easy to follow steps, the fundamental association between colors and everyday...
  2. Ear, Nose & Throat - Medical Pocket Chart - Quick Reference Guide
    This quick reference chart provides views and information on the nasal & pharyngeal cavity, tongue, epiglottis, tonsils, sinuses, the ear, larynx, osseous & membranous labyrinths, and surgical treatment of severe otitis media.
  3. Foot & Ankle - Medical Pocket Chart Quick Reference Guide 4" x 6" Laminated
    This foot and ankle anatomy chart vividly illustrates the bones, arteries, nerves, and muscles of the foot and ankle, as well as the various problems faced by this extremity. 4.5" x 6.75" to fit right in your pocket and laminated to last forever.
  4. Canadian History - History Quick Reference Guide
    This well organized Guide is an essential resource for anyone who has a passion for the study of Canadian History! This quick reference study guide traces the history of Canada from its earliest European explorers and their interaction with Canada's indigenous peoples through its formation as an independent nation in 1867....
  5. Electronics II - Quick Reference Guide
    This Guide builds upon the outlines contained in Electronics 1. This handy quick reference Guide builds upon the materials contained in Electronics I with a comprehensive reference for the following Electronics principles, including: amplifiers, transistors as switches, and logic circuits.
  6. Brain - Medical Pocket Chart - Human Brain Quick Reference Guide
    This laminated medical pocket Guide is the ultimate reference for the human Brain and its related systems! The human Brain is described in this comprehensive Guide with the effective use of full colour diagrams, and corresponding text. The Brain is examined from 7 separate perspectives for ease of reference, with its...
  7. Hand - Medical Pocket Chart Quick Reference Guide 4.5" x 6.75" Laminated
    Contains full color illustrations of the hand, deep & superficial dissections, muscles, nail bed & tendinous insertions, extensor mechanisms of the phalanges, wrist compartments, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and Boutonniere Deformity.
  8. Car Games - Kids Games Quick Reference Guide
    Car games can take the tedium out of child's long car ride with this great quick reference Guide! Any adult who has struggled to entertain children over any period of time in an automobile will appreciate the techniques described in this fun Guide! Over 20 car games are described in...
  9. Cellular Respiration (Nursing Pocket Size) Laminated Quick Reference Chart
    This quick reference pocket chart covers glycolysis, the basics of cellular respiration, the Krebs cycle, the electron transport chain, proton pumps & ATP synthetase, and a summary of net energy harvest.
  10. Speciality Coffees - Food & Drink Quick Reference Guide
    This expertly written Guide gives the coffee connoisseur a great range of wonderful coffee confections to savor! This Guide builds upon the material set out in "The World of Coffee" guide by examining the various speciality means that relate to coffee preparation. Tested recipes for classic configurations such as cappuccino and...
  11. Income Tax Tips - USA - Federal Tax Quick Reference Guide - Personal Finance
    You are responsible for reporting your income to the IRS (Internal Revenue Service) by filing an income tax return each year. Completing your tax return involves planning ahead and keeping appropriate records. This Guide Covers: Financial Statements Factors that Determine if You Should File Filing For A Dependent Filing For A Deceased...
  12. Macbeth - Literature Novels Quick Reference Guide
    Classic Shakespeare! This Guide is an essential resource for anyone studying Macbeth. This Guide is an unparalleled study aid that will assist any student in their appreciation of this classic Shakespearean work. Background, key themes, a chapter by chapter summary, and the essential characters are effectively described.
  13. Interviewing Skills - Business & Productivity Quick Reference Guide
    How to conduct a great interview - painlessly! Whether in management or for the pursuit of information, effective interview skills will provide the user with the tools to obtain the desired answers to any questions. This Guide provides a focal for the prospective interviewer, with its emphasis upon the building of a preparation checklist,...
  14. Spanish Verbs & Grammar - Language Quick Reference Guide
    After English, Spanish is the most widely spoken language in the Western Hemisphere, and speaking it fluently can often help you understand other languages like French or Italian. Of course, basic verbs and grammar are the cornerstones of speaking any language, so having this reference guide nearby as you learn...
  15. Intermediate Chemistry - Chemistry Quick Reference Guide
    This Guide builds effectively upon the concepts introduced in the Introductory Chemistry title. The terminology of Chemical thermodynamics is developed in a comprehensive fashion, as the reader is provided with ready access to electrochemical principles. Specific occurrences such as corrosion and reaction mechanisms are also explained in this context.
  16. Perennials - Perennial Gardening Quick Reference Guide
    A well designed perennial garden gives unlimited pleasure to its owner. This Guide provides excellent support to perennial gardeners of all levels of ability. This Guide builds on the principles described in the companion Guides -Designing a Garden and Annuals. Perennials provide a foundation to most gardens that desired by gardeners, and this...
  17. Home Maintenance Chart - Quick Reference Guide 4-page Laminated Guide
    Home maintenance is less of chore when you follow the excellent tips found in this Guide! A well-maintained home is one that ensures the greatest degree of safety and the best living environment. This practical Guide provides a wealth of useful tips for effective Home Maintenance. Special attention is directed to home...
  18. Menopause - Women's Health Quick Reference Guide
    This Guide is the ultimate reference source to understand Menopause and its impact upon female health! This Guide describes the natural biological process that is both experienced and often endured by all women. The relationship between hormone production and menopause is described. The common symptoms of menopause are outlined, as...
  19. Identity Theft Prevention Guide - Canadian Version - Quick Reference Guide
    Identity theft is one very unpleasant aspect of modern life. In a world where anyone's identity can be compromised in seconds, this comprehensive Guide provides its readers with the information and the strategies necessary to keep bank accounts, credit / ATM cards, and even residences out of the hands of criminals.
  20. LSAT - Law School Administration Test - Quick Reference Guide 4-page laminated
    It takes you through the format, marking scheme, and useful things to remember, and then it describes reading comprehension, analytical reasoning, logical reasoning, and the writing sample, with helpful hints and sample questions and answers.
  21. MCAT - Medical College Admin Test - Medical Academic Quick Reference Guide
    Gives you an understanding of the marking scheme, format, things to remember, and other sources of information, and it also tells you what you need to know about verbal reasoning, biological sciences, physical sciences, and the writing sample.
  22. Membrane Transport - Biology Pocket Chart - Quick Reference Guide by Permacharts
    Transport knowledge of the membranes from the chart to your pocket. This chart covers general information as well as passive & active processes, with plenty of illustrative diagrams and explanations.
  23. Notice to Pay Rent or Quit Legal Forms Kit - USA - by Permacharts
    Package Contains: 2 Blank Liberty Legal Forms 1 Full-size worksheet with step-by-step instructions Handy Quick Reference Guide This Liberty Legal Form: Gives tenant a clear final notice of rent owing Instructs tenant that legal proceedings to terminate tenancy will begin if rent is not paid by the date you set Includes Proof of...
  24. Introductory Marketing - Business & Productivity Quick Reference Guide
    Marketing is an organizational function and a set of processes for creating, communicating and delivering value to customers and for managing customer relationships in ways that benefit the organization and its stakeholders. This Permachart provides a synopsis of key Marketing terms and concepts that together may be used as a quick and easy...


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