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  1. Death of a Salesman - Literature Quick Reference Guide
    An American Classic! This 4-page laminated novel quick reference Guide is an essential resource for anyone studying Death of a Salesman. This Guide is an unparalleled study aid that will assist any student in their appreciation of this classic work of American literature. Background, key themes, a chapter by chapter summary, and...
  2. Dermatology - Medical Pocket Chart Quick Reference Guide 4" x 6" Laminated
    This 4.5" 6.75" laminated pocket quick reference chart outlines symptoms and treatment for a wide range of diseases, such as acne, impetigo, arthropods, sexually transmitted disease, hair & nails, viral diseases, superficial fungal infections, and vitligo.
  3. American Sign Language Quick Reference Guide
    As the most important sign language used in North America, ASL study skills are made crystal clear in this quick reference Guide! This ASL chart covers rules of basic sentence structure, sign variations, questions, verbs, simple etiquette, adjectives, positives & negatives, people & relationships, non-manual elements, tense, classifiers and manual...
  4. EMT-B - Emergency Medical Exam - Medical Quick Reference Guide
    Strive for your best possible Emergency Medical Technician examination result with the help of the study tips and techniques contained in this useful Guide! This quick reference Guide explains the certification process required to achieve designation as a licensed Emergency Medical Technician. The relationship between this designation and that of Paramedic...
  5. Grammaire Francaise - Language Quick Reference Guide
    Ce guide de grammaire française propose aux apprenants de française langue étrangère de repères précis pour maîtriser la conjugaison des verbes et les règles essentielles. Les explications sont rédigèes dans une langue claire avec de nobreux exemples et tableaux afin de rendre cet apprentissage plus simple.
  6. Business Law Guide - Legal Quick Reference Guide
    This informative Guide gives the reader the basic principles of American Business & Business & Professional Development law in one well ordered source. This quick reference study guide provides a structured summary of American Business & Business & Professional Development law concepts. The Guide integrates contract, property and company law principles...
  7. Cannabis Guides - Cooking / Growing Retail Kit
    Take advantage of the high demand for good educational materials and consumer interest in medical marijuana and CBD's This Retail POP (point-of-purchase) merchandiser package is ideal for retail stores in the health and wellness space, CBD market, and alternative health stores. This self-contained retail display unit is designed for checkout...
  8. Calculus Integrals I - Math Quick Reference Guide
    This basic quick reference study guide provides a clear summary of essential Integrals information, including a basic table and references to specialized Integrals such as trigonometric and hyperbolic integrals.
  9. Food for Kids - Nutritianal Guide for Children Quick Reference Guide
    Healthy eating for young people has never been more important - let this Guide show you how! The fundamental importance of good food, a healthy diet, and sound nutrition are emphasized in this child-centered food Guide. The progressive nutritional needs of children from the stage of a baby's first foods to the broader...
  10. Colors & Shapes - Early Childhood Learning Guide - Quick Reference Guide
    Help any child commence their early childhood education with this bright and eye catching guide! This bright and eye-catching reference Guide helps any child develop a greater appreciation of basic colors and shapes. As a child is taken through the Guide's easy to follow steps, the fundamental association between colors and everyday...
  11. Conflict Resolution Business & Productivity Quick Reference Guide
    Conflict is a part of life! This 4-page laminated ick reference Guide is a blueprint to reduce conflict at work and in personal relationships. Conflicts arise in every Business & Business & Professional Development, personal, and social setting - it is the severity of the conflict and the approaches adopted for its resolution...
  12. Ear, Nose & Throat - Medical Pocket Chart - Quick Reference Guide
    This quick reference chart provides views and information on the nasal & pharyngeal cavity, tongue, epiglottis, tonsils, sinuses, the ear, larynx, osseous & membranous labyrinths, and surgical treatment of severe otitis media.
  13. A Streetcar Named Desire - Literature Quick Reference Guide - Novel Summary
    An American Classic This quick study guide is an essential resource for anyone studying A Streetcar Named Desire. This play is considered to be an epic work from Tennessee Williams. This laminated reference guide covers the basics, characters, symbols, setting, main plot, time & structure, themes, and a scene-by-scene play summary Ideal...
  14. Foot & Ankle - Medical Pocket Chart Quick Reference Guide 4" x 6" Laminated
    This foot and ankle anatomy chart vividly illustrates the bones, arteries, nerves, and muscles of the foot and ankle, as well as the various problems faced by this extremity. 4.5" x 6.75" to fit right in your pocket and laminated to last forever.
  15. Canadian History - History Quick Reference Guide
    This well organized Guide is an essential resource for anyone who has a passion for the study of Canadian History! This quick reference study guide traces the history of Canada from its earliest European explorers and their interaction with Canada's indigenous peoples through its formation as an independent nation in 1867....
  16. Electronics II - Quick Reference Guide
    This Guide builds upon the outlines contained in Electronics 1. This handy quick reference Guide builds upon the materials contained in Electronics I with a comprehensive reference for the following Electronics principles, including: amplifiers, transistors as switches, and logic circuits.
  17. Brain - Medical Pocket Chart - Human Brain Quick Reference Guide
    This laminated medical pocket Guide is the ultimate reference for the human Brain and its related systems! The human Brain is described in this comprehensive Guide with the effective use of full colour diagrams, and corresponding text. The Brain is examined from 7 separate perspectives for ease of reference, with its...
  18. Allergies - Health Quick Reference Guide
    This Guide is the ultimate quick reference source to understand Allergies and their treatment! Allergies, the symptoms that result from an inappropriate or exaggerated reaction to otherwise harmless agents, are summarized in this helpful Guide. All common allergies, food allergies and intolerance, skin allergies and asthma are each clearly defined,...
  19. Creativity Business & Productivity Quick Reference Guide
    Art? Skill? Science? Unlock your hidden creative powers with this useful quick reference Guide! This Guide is a great aid to anyone seeking to develop their innate creative powers. A creative 'to do' list is one of the tools described in the Guide. A series of innovative skill builder exercises are developed that...
  20. Hand - Medical Pocket Chart Quick Reference Guide 4.5" x 6.75" Laminated
    Contains full color illustrations of the hand, deep & superficial dissections, muscles, nail bed & tendinous insertions, extensor mechanisms of the phalanges, wrist compartments, carpal tunnel syndrome, trigger finger, and Boutonniere Deformity.
  21. Cooking with Coffee - Food & Drink Quick Reference Guide
    Cooking with Coffee adds zest and variety to any kitchen! This 4 - page laminated quick reference Guide builds upon the material set out in The World of Coffee's guide by examining the various wonderful ways that coffee can be used in cooking. Tested recipes for meats, sauces, baked goods and deserts...
  22. Early Childhood Education
    Early childhood educators shape a child's foundation of learning during their most critical developmental period - the first six years of life. This quick reference Permachart provides students and facilitators with an overview of ECE programs and several approaches to the discipline. As well, the chart covers descriptions of specific challenges ECE...
  23. Car Games - Kids Games Quick Reference Guide
    Car games can take the tedium out of child's long car ride with this great quick reference Guide! Any adult who has struggled to entertain children over any period of time in an automobile will appreciate the techniques described in this fun Guide! Over 20 car games are described in...
  24. Cellular Respiration (Nursing Pocket Size) Laminated Quick Reference Chart
    This quick reference pocket chart covers glycolysis, the basics of cellular respiration, the Krebs cycle, the electron transport chain, proton pumps & ATP synthetase, and a summary of net energy harvest.


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